Two Hours of Fame

I have really begun to enjoy the time I volunteer at the Elementary Kids’ school, especially since 75% of my kids are there and its literally a 3 minute walk from my house. That may be a Stepford perk, come to think of it, one of maybe three. The others may revolve around the drama I get to make up while spying on my neighbors.
I don’t do that. Much.
Today, I [...]


Its Over! Its Over!

Birthday Hell Week has come to an end. Three birthdays in six days requiring cakes (not that I did those, but its still pressure, yo), presents, and the rest of the festivities (oh, wait, I don’t do those stupid huge parties anymore)… but, its over, and I can rest.
Enigma is 10 now, and I had the great honor of telling him that the uncle he was named after was at [...]



Hello, November!

It was a great night… between Enigma walking through the neighborhood scraping his foil around (oh, and he had silver dryer duct stuff on his arms and legs) and Dozer jumping around, screaming “yahoo!!” every time she got candy, it was a great Halloween.