Anatomy of a Final Paper

1. Wake up, resolute to finish paper before 3pm, so homework time with the kids isn’t something monstrous.
2. Use preschool time to gather thoughts, drink coffee, post thoughts on blogging on forum based on links in paper. Chew ice, freeze, get in car early and blast heat.
3. Come back from preschool, throw on movie and promise to decorate tree tomorrow after paper is done. Chew ice, eat hummus, freeze, make [...]


Digest this.

I read a lot, especially for school. I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned my plans for this semester yet, but in a nut shell, I’m using the DONA postpartum doula course book list as a springboard for some natural science credits. The semester revolves around postpartum women and their physiology, hormonal and psychological changes. I devoured my first two books in a day and a half. I may or [...]