What do Bags, Totes, Costumes, HippyMom and Belly Dance have in common?

Nefertitties’ Souk!

American Tribal Style belly dance mini-lessons
Private video lessons with Durrah, teaching you one-on-one the foundations of ATS. $10 per lesson, with a cycle of 6 lessons, this price includes both the 10 minute video and an optional critique/feedback of your progress (you will need to submit a video response of 2-5 minutes if you plan to do the critiques). Durrah has over thirteen years of belly dance experience, and [...]


Hello, Monday!

I’m all alone with 700 children and 835 animals. The Husband is off on a business trip this week, then he’ll be gone again next week. Muahahahahaha. I feel like rolling around on the carpet, naked, but then I realize that not a whole lot has changed, except that now I don’t have friendly reminders for all the stuff I forget. All hail sticky notes, especially those plastered all over [...]