Homeschooling Lowers My Mommy-Handicap

But don’t think that our day is so structured that we don’t enjoy each other. If you think that, then you are missing my point. Being with my kids this much allows me to share myself with them better than I would if we were separated 9 or 10 hours a day. Physically being with each other naturally provides those opportunities to talk about uncomfortable subjects or create a wealth of common memories. While others have a tight bond with their kids despite the daily separation, I know that homeschooling lowers my handicap because I finally have a clue what to do with my 5 kids.


The Five Minute Allergy Window

I knew Karl’s symptoms were serious and we had only minutes to get treatment. I’ve read all the literature and thought I was prepared but I had never given my son an EpiPen injection and was terrified. We just got off the phone with the allergist who told me Karl was in a serious situation and I’m in the middle of rush hour traffic.