Living with Diverticulitis

Many women suffer from some type of irritable bowel condition, yet most will just suffer with the pain and inconvenience it causes. A few years ago, I began having severe abdominal pain as well as pain while defecating. I was embarrassed to discuss this with my doctor. “Popping issues” is just something most women don’t care to talk about. It is embarrassing and frustrating.
After the pain was nearly unbearable I [...]


Canvas Tote Decorating

This craft is a wonderful project for kids aged 3 and up to do with parents.
What you’ll need:
Canvas Tote (any size or color)
Craft items to decorate with (beads, paint, stencils, ribbon, feathers, iron-ons, etc.)
Hot glue gun (older kids or parental use only)*
Iron (older kids or parental use only)*
Plenty of room to spread out your tote and items to add on.
Use all of your crafty items to attach to your tote. [...]


The Link Between Cervical Cancer & HPV

Over the last several years, it has been determined that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the primary cause of cervical cancer. HPV is very common and most people don’t even know they have it. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and in most people, their immune system will fight off the virus before any symptoms occur or cause any problems. When the body’s immune system does not fight off [...]