The Memory Game

In order to have good recall it is necessary to be able to identify things clearly and accurately, to label them correctly, to file them in the right place and to cross index where necessary; to file them efficiently for reference and retrieval when it is required. To carry out this organizational task, we have to become librarians and our experiences are pieces [...]


The Bloggers Don't Lie

ATS represent! Durrah tells us what to buy and where to buy it.
HippyMom says you are your own soul mate. You complete… you. Dig it?
Ladyhawk manifests her latest huaca.
A different kind of shimmy hits Kozmique.
Melia takes a break from Debauchery week to snuggle with her Blankee!
Moving forward is MamaBirdie’s next step. Get it?
Nefertitties is the luckiest beach around, tetanus and all.
The Bean is a budding evil mastermind. Really. [...]



Calming Winds Swoops in to join the HippyMom Online Fall Harvest Fair

In the CalmingWinds Room you will find LadyHawk.
She is a Reiki Master and healing arts student and has studied metaphysics for over 15 years and enjoys sharing multiple levels of energy work. At the HippyMom Fair she’ll be offering Reiki, Jewelry and Native American Wisdom Card Readings. There will be a variety of packages that combine all the things she loves. If you’re not sure what is Reiki or [...]


HippyMom Weekly Blog-a-tron!

Melia Lore talks about the most important word in the English language: Choice.
Forgiveness. Isolation. Terror. This ain’t no fluffy bunny tarot.
Looking at the Last Page First Really Shines When…
Feed Your Spirit With Music at Calming Winds.
Gray Gaia Remembers Farah Fawcett
Fabulosity by Mama Duck


Hippymom Bloggers!

Come meet one of the most Interesting People of the Week EVER on BunnyGlitter: Nova Rimone Newman!
LadyHawk has some Calming Winds to share on the topic of Receiving Nature’s Messages.
Gray Gaia is sharing her love of technology and her nifty new template.
A Hippy Chick has a new blog format, and a few thoughts about the Matthew Sheperd Act.
Grabba Cuppa Joe and sit down for a full update on Sarah’s life!
Melia [...]


HippyMom Weekly Bloggers!

From a Window on the Rez is trying to help locate a missing child: Victoria Stafford.
Gray Gaia takes a Psychedelic Walk Down Memory Lane.
Calming Winds has some Turquoise For Your Soul.
A Hippy Chick is Celebrating Her Own Beauty at Size 22.
Melia Lore has a list of 100 Things She Loves–which inexplicably does not contain The Q.
BunnyGlitter is confused about why Burger King finds this commercial appropriate for children…or anyone else [...]


Stone Spotlight

Tiger eye is a beautiful, golden-brown shiny stone which appears lifelike due to its chiromancy, or silky luster. It is crystallized quartz, made of silica. It is found mostly in Africa.
This stone has been worn through the ages to aver the evil eye and help prevent eye diseases. Tiger eye helps people gain insight into their own faults, and to think more clearly. This stone is [...]