Read to Me

According to UNESCO one in five adults in the world is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women while 72 million children are out of school.  So that must be an international problem and not of much concern to more developed countries like the USA, right?
No, actually it is a problem in the USA as well according to a five-year study commissioned by the US Department of Education.  [...]


Crush at Thomas Hall

Guilty pleasures come in all forms. Maybe a favorite television show or restaurant is something you decadently devour when you need some comfort or “me” time. Mine, lately, has been reading. Its sad, but true, but I don’t get a lot of time to read just for reading’s sake, and I miss it, dearly.
When Beth Sorensen asked me to review her book, I was thrilled. I had heard a lot [...]


Quiet Time Tales with Grandpa Read!

Its Friday, so it must be time for a review, right? Right!
This week’s adventure was all about the kids, and being quiet,  and reading… and goldfish. I had the pleasure of watching an episode of Quiet Time Tales featuring Grandpa Read, Sparky & Wanda, Champ and some interesting illustrations. The episode reminded me a lot of when I used to watch “Reading Rainbow” on PBS, so I sat back and [...]


Zen and the art of book buying.

I don’t have normal textbooks for school. I get to choose at least 20 books per semester for my studies. Half of my panic is in choosing the books themselves, because I get way too involved in finding out what other people think about the book. Its much like when I stand in the grocery store, reading labels for HFCS or meat ingredients. I must know the ingredients going into [...]


The No-Cry Nap Solution

A happy nap makes for a happy baby, and happy babies make happy parents. In The No Cry Nap Solution, Elizabeth Pantley shares her secrets for helping your baby have the best nap possible, under all circumstances. This book is filled with tips, charts and real-world examples of nap time problems and solutions as well as an honest, instinctual approach to the sometimes daunting task of daytime sleep. While no [...]