Improve Your Marriage

About two weeks ago, Russell A. Irving asked me to review his book, Improve Your Marriage: Don’t Overlook the Obvious. I was skeptical, because in my experience, many marriage “help” books put the burden of the relationship work on the “at home” person or encourage a woman to suck it up, so to speak, and fix the marriage by dressing sexier, putting out more, etc. Needless to say, I [...]


Digest this.

I read a lot, especially for school. I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned my plans for this semester yet, but in a nut shell, I’m using the DONA postpartum doula course book list as a springboard for some natural science credits. The semester revolves around postpartum women and their physiology, hormonal and psychological changes. I devoured my first two books in a day and a half. I may or [...]