Subtle, Real Subtle...

So, I forgot to mention the highlight of my pool outing… My subtle boob dance of arrangement.
I’ve breastfed all for of my children and subsequently lost almost 100lbs. My boobs are shot, and aside from being naked, the most evident way to see this unnatural phenomenon is when I wear the only bathing suit I own, that just happens to be a size and a half too big, and offers [...]


In Honor of Feminist Coming Out Day

…and International Women’s Day… my top 10 reasons I’m glad I’m a woman, and a feminist.
1. I never, ever have to say, “I’m not a feminist, but…”
2. I can get my hair cut, get asked if I’m working today and respond by saying that I work 24/7 as a mom plus I work from home. Those were both my choices, and both of which proudly proclaim… most days.
3. I don’t [...]


On the Couch

This couch, so old and crusty (yep, I admit it) is its own time capsule… if you speak couch. It’d be great if you didn’t though. Just sayin’.



Ack! Its November!

In lieu of NaNoWriMo, I said I was going to do NaBloPoMo and write a blog post each day this month. Well, I’ve already blown that – it has nothing to do with being a pseudo-single mom with a fever. Nothing. Really, I’m just a slacker. Stop making me feel guilty! I have other sites to run, kids to wrangle, papers to write and hummus to eat!
That’s right, I’m back [...]