The Ocean

As each strong wave pounds on the rocks
I stand, spellbound by the Sea
As the spray and foam quench the docks
I am breathlessly gazing at the blue queen

She embodies the patient and calm
With liquid lips kissing the sliver sand Submissive to the breeze of the night That takes her towards the moonlit land

She simmers with indomitable power
Ruining men, with a mere crystal wave
Looming over great cities, she towers
When she is raged, [...]


The Bloggers Don't Lie

ATS represent! Durrah tells us what to buy and where to buy it.
HippyMom says you are your own soul mate. You complete… you. Dig it?
Ladyhawk manifests her latest huaca.
A different kind of shimmy hits Kozmique.
Melia takes a break from Debauchery week to snuggle with her Blankee!
Moving forward is MamaBirdie’s next step. Get it?
Nefertitties is the luckiest beach around, tetanus and all.
The Bean is a budding evil mastermind. Really. [...]


HippyMom Weekly Bloggers!

From a Window on the Rez is trying to help locate a missing child: Victoria Stafford.
Gray Gaia takes a Psychedelic Walk Down Memory Lane.
Calming Winds has some Turquoise For Your Soul.
A Hippy Chick is Celebrating Her Own Beauty at Size 22.
Melia Lore has a list of 100 Things She Loves–which inexplicably does not contain The Q.
BunnyGlitter is confused about why Burger King finds this commercial appropriate for children…or anyone else [...]


HM Weekly 2/21/09

SnowBirdie gets bubbly and swims with the fishies!
Jewel fights for her right to party (on a budget)!
Love wants to know if you’ve seen these girls?
Melia is busting her ass to get rid of these condoms!
AuroraHope is lovely, just the way she is!
Gray Gaia is ready for spring!
BunnyGlitter is cooler than thou because…
10 Things I hate about Q
Luscious Decadence takes the plunge!
Friskay is Happy as a MoFo Clam, biznitches!
Fashion, Evolved has [...]


Blog Salute: Suburban Jungle

She makes us laugh, she makes us cry, I don’t know if she knows we spy….
Jenny takes us on a hilarious adventure through the world of parenting in a style only a fellow cracked-out mom can appreciate. She’d be fun to grab drinks with, and probably even more fun to watch after consuming too many drinks. $5 says she has been a table dancer at one time or another.
Go read [...]


HippyMom goes Bloggy!

Many of our members are bloggers. Some are professional writers, some are blogging for themselves or to keep their families updated. A few just like to have a bunch of sites to command. I won’t mention any names.
Once a week, we will be posting the best of our blogs here, on HippyMom, plus on each blog that is part of the Blogger Club.  If you are a blogger, this [...]