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Have you ever wanted to share your kids’ cute stories with friends and family? Did you know a blog can also be a way to sell your art or homemade crafts? How about focusing your talents on a cause that’s important to you (**coughBPcough**)? In her quest for fame and popularity, Tarot has deemed it necessary to show the [...]


Blog Salute: Suburban Jungle

She makes us laugh, she makes us cry, I don’t know if she knows we spy….
Jenny takes us on a hilarious adventure through the world of parenting in a style only a fellow cracked-out mom can appreciate. She’d be fun to grab drinks with, and probably even more fun to watch after consuming too many drinks. $5 says she has been a table dancer at one time or another.
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HM Weekly Bloggers

The Inside Life is Up In Flames…exploring the psyche is hot!
Bunny Glitter loves Princess Bubble, a fairy tale figure for the Modern Girl.
In My Crazy Life is dealing with her Quarter of a Century Life Crisis.
Luscious Decadence has a list of Top Ten Treats Under $10!
Melia Lore is Embarrassed Because She’s HOTT Now.
Fashion, Evolved thinks everyone needs to Go Barefoot!
Looking at the Last Page First gives insight into the diplomatic [...]