Ruth St. Denis

Ruth St. Denis was an American vaudeville performer who is best known as a pioneer of Modern Dance. However, her work was so heavily influenced by the Orientalist fashion that was all the rage at the turn of the last century that she could just as easily be considered a prototype for the American bellydancer-as-artist. The famous story is that she was inspired by an Orientalist advertisement for cigarettes. She [...]




Ahhhhh, Silence...

Happy Monday, faithful reader! You know who you are, sitting there with your coffee, refreshing my blog for my latest bit of wisdom. Which banner is your favorite, by the way, and can you please re-theme this bitch, because the pink is really starting to get to me and I don’t have time to do anything about it. April is only two months away. In two months, my life will [...]



Somehow, on Friday night, as a few friends and I went to see a local cover band, I jumped into an early-80′s-style dance off with a 40-something year old albino man.


What do Bags, Totes, Costumes, HippyMom and Belly Dance have in common?

Nefertitties’ Souk!

American Tribal Style belly dance mini-lessons
Private video lessons with Durrah, teaching you one-on-one the foundations of ATS. $10 per lesson, with a cycle of 6 lessons, this price includes both the 10 minute video and an optional critique/feedback of your progress (you will need to submit a video response of 2-5 minutes if you plan to do the critiques). Durrah has over thirteen years of belly dance experience, and [...]


Hello, Monday!

I’m all alone with 700 children and 835 animals. The Husband is off on a business trip this week, then he’ll be gone again next week. Muahahahahaha. I feel like rolling around on the carpet, naked, but then I realize that not a whole lot has changed, except that now I don’t have friendly reminders for all the stuff I forget. All hail sticky notes, especially those plastered all over [...]


HippyMom Fall Festival is Coming!

Since the beginning of HippyMom time, our members have gathered together in the spirit of fun, enlightenment and random acts of intrigue in order to benefit our online community, or the world at large.
2009 is no different, and this year, we are proud to announce our Fall Festival!

From November 9-14, you will be delighted by our vendors, mesmerized by psychic readers, titillated by a belly dancer and [...]