Attachment Parenting After They Detach

It has been a long three-ish years since the birth of my twin daughters. Well over a year ago, they weaned and for me, that was the end of an era of attachment parenting in our lives. As a mother of two older boys, also, I had already “baby bonded” with all of my kids. We breastfed, we co-slept, we did our own form of baby wearing called “let’s just [...]


Adventures in Co-Sleeping: Why Having a Family Bed is A Venture Unto Itself

We started the “family bed” (co-sleeping to some) by accidental necessity. I say accidental because we really didn’t mean to, it just happened one night while we were both very desperate and at our wits end only to wake up the next morning with our newborn snuggled up between our seemingly lifeless bodies. The necessity part came after we slowly discovered that every time we repeated this sleeping arrangement we [...]