Happy July 3!

Its the day between my sister’s birthday (40! hahahaha!) and the U.S. celebration of the ways in which entire populations of Natives were abused, killed and otherwise marginalized for this silly thing called, “land.” But, I digress…
Today, I wrote an article that has changed my life. Mostly because it was an actual article and not one that just plugged a product or service. That’s not to say product placement wasn’t [...]


Sir, Back Away From My Cervix

I realize Mr. Marshall does not have a cervix, and perhaps could benefit from a specialized sex talk, but I just can’t cut him any slack for his ignorance. He is being paid to be a moron, a dangerous moron. Women with disabled children will hear those words of him and blame themselves even more than they do for their child’s issues.



Roe vs. Wade, 36 years later.

Today is the 36th anniversary of the constitutional decision that marked a woman’s right to abortion.
Today, I celebrate my freedom over my own body, heart and mind and the notion that women are not chattel and are not simple-minded creatures, solely put on the planet to reproduce.
I give my thanks to the countless women and men who have fought to not only establish this freedom, but who continue to fight [...]


Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

I came across this site while looking for different perspectives on women’s health issues. I am pro-choice, and I have had to use my right to choose personally. In my experience, there was not enough counseling before or after the procedure. Abortion is one of those things “we just don’t talk about,” because its such a heated topic of discussion, and I think that attitude flows into the actual procedure [...]