Enigma once brought home an infographic of sorts that indicated things that were needed vs. wanted. He WANTED ice cream, but NEEDED shoes, that sort of thing. One of those basic lessons of life that most of us forget too often, although, I’m pretty sure that I NEED olives and a pedicure… desperately.

I had a job interview on Thursday. This was an amazing opportunity that I was clearly underqualified for, but, still, how many telecommuting positions for community managers come along from a European company looking to expand its brand in the US? HOW MANY?  Yeah, like, I was terribly excited, but I pretty much knew I didn’t have the experience. I wanted this job – I wanted to be the head of a US division of a European company through the magic of social media. Could I do it? Sure, but probably not as well as someone else. I get it, but it pretty much signaled the end of this year of bitching and moaning about people not hiring me. I’m officially off that market, except for the one final job I applied for (and the future jobs I will send out resumes to because I’m compulsive), but for all intents and purposes, I release my expectation of a full-time telecommuting position with benefits. With that, I also acknowledge that there isn’t a full-time position available in the real world that can handle my schedule. I am embracing the fact that from now on… I am a freelancer.

Wheeee! *panic* Wheeee!

In the fog of my misery and wallowing in my own Truth (haha, self-help people, I DO listen!) I ran across this blog on She’s Self Employed and felt better. Much better. Like so much better, that I didn’t stop my Android from telling me when new gigs came up on Craigslist. I realize that many of my friends and those of you who take time to read my meanderings have told me the same things, but… yeah, you know how it is. So, I’m busy accepting that I cannot change the past, neither my lack of “real” experience nor my need to have a healthy relationship alone that sent me into this year-long hatred of life, myself, Martian and everyone around me (no, not really, but its my blog and I get to be dramatic, yo). I want a steady income, but I need to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I could have majored in computer science, design or IT crap, but it doesn’t really make me happy. I went for my dream degree, and while its pretty much worthless in the real world, it makes for interesting conversation at bars.


Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop boring myself and everyone else with this whole career thing and get back to the good stuff… like blogging about Stepford. Wheeee! *panic* Wheeee!

Today’s card: The Fool. Wander aimlessly through life and love what is around you, especially if it makes no sense. That’s usually the best part.


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