That’s right, it’s all about me! That is what your child will say about the book they are about to make. What a wonderful way to capture a particular place and time. Children are constantly growing and changing so this is a fun, personalized activity that it is great to do annually. What are they up to these days? What is there latest accomplishment? Who is in their life these days? What is their newest play ground skill? This book can highlight anything they like because it is all about them.
My favorite simple way to get started is with an inexpensive 3 ring binder and sheet protectors. You can also use simple construction paper and staple or hole punch and lace the book together, what ever works best for you. I have done this with my kids when they were as young as two and included art work they have done as well as photos of them engaged in activity or with family members. A hand and/or foot print is great at showing how big I am today! If your child is already talking then placing a photo with a “quote” from them is a wonderful memory.
all about me craftWhen my daughter was a toddler I cut out a huge letter D from construction paper and let her paint it. I mounted it on another piece of construction paper with a photo of her in the center of it. She loved to look through the book and tell me who she saw in the photos. She was learning about shapes so there was also a square, circle and triangle she had decorated. Photos of activities they are learning to do such as building with blocks, using the computer or playing the kitchen pot drums are great!Early school aged children can include some samplings of those many papers you just don’t know what to do with but are great at capturing what they are up to at the moment. Have one page just for them to write their name and put a current photo. If they are engaged in extra curricular activities (sports, clubs etc.) you can include a photo of this with an explanation quoted from the child. Who is there current bff? Things change so fast. At this age you could dictate the quotes from your child but then let them “write” some of them into the book. They could also type some things to add. Why not have them draw a picture of the game they like to play at recess or their favorite book and write down their explanation.

This activity gives the children the chance to do some writing and drawing. It gives us a chance to ask them to tell us about them self. Best of all this activity gives us a keepsake that can capture a moment in time for our little ones.


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