Relationship and work issues, child care, financial challenges, and other assorted everyday stresses take a toll on us in more ways than most of us realize. Most of us put others before ourselves and nurture our partners and children, try to perform well on the job and meet the expectations that we have heaped upon ourselves, and then wonder why we feel angry, tired, sad, or trapped sometimes. The question I would ask isn’t why we would feel this way, but why we wouldn’t with all the sensory input we receive each day and the energy we absorb from those around us.

Yes, we do absorb energy from everyone we encounter from before we are born all the way through our lives unless we learn to release it along the way to keep ourselves healthy and balanced. Most of us know how it feels to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and the sensation of impending burn out or an explosion of frustration. We might not understand, however, why we still feel that way after a day off or a night’s sleep, or why many years after the original events or physical trauma we may continue to fall back into the same old patterns of behavior when we feel stressed.

We may turn to friends or family for insight or see a counselor or physician to help us sort through our issues and symptoms, and we may get temporary or even permanent major symptom relief, but we often still feel lingering sadness, anger, or guilt, or have mental images of the traumas that haunt us years later, and may still engage in unhealthy behaviors without realizing why we have such trouble moving forward in our lives. If we have suffered abuse at some point we may even find ourselves still abusing ourselves years later, may have seemingly unrelated symptoms that are hard to pin down medically, and we may end up confused or depressed at our inability to feel whole or happy in our lives.

One reason for this lingering discomfort and a general feeling that something is holding us back or is missing from our lives is that we, along with all creatures, have energy flowing throughout and around our physical bodies. As we go through each day our energy field comes up against everyone else’s, and if we aren’t aware of the process we can absorb or begin to carry energy from abusive situations, physical or emotional traumas, or normal everyday interactions over our lifetimes.

I did this for most of my life until I became aware of all the old, unhealthy energy I was carrying around. Counseling was helpful, but I still carried around the energy from an abusive childhood and the choices I had made because I was still what I think of now as “under the influence” of that energy. I not only learned to release that old energy with Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that keeps energy healthy and flowing, and other energy modalities, but I found that I could prevent taking on others’ energy in the first place. I released traumatic images and my energy started flowing for the first time in my life, so I began to share Reiki and teach others to do so as well. In future articles I will be discussing how Reiki and similar energy techniques can help us stay healthy, and I will offer tools that can help us maintain balance and peace in our busy lives. I believe you will be as amazed as I am at how much healing and joy is possible when we find ways to keep our energy flowing and learn how to listen to our inner wisdom.


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