Its the day between my sister’s birthday (40! hahahaha!) and the U.S. celebration of the ways in which entire populations of Natives were abused, killed and otherwise marginalized for this silly thing called, “land.” But, I digress…

Today, I wrote an article that has changed my life. Mostly because it was an actual article and not one that just plugged a product or service. That’s not to say product placement wasn’t involved, but it was like I actually got to be a writer-writer for an hour. That was awesome.

Today, also, the kids (minus Emo Boy), Freedom and I, upon the recommendation of a dear, yummy friend, went letterboxing.

We called it a, “treasure hunt,” but someone out there knows what it is… and it was awesome. I am grateful to the people who actually participate in letterboxing, because we have a whole lot of treasures to find this summer… meaning awesome parks to discover, enjoy and reconnect with nature and the natural pulse of the earth, named “Schumann Resonances.”

Heh. That was my article. Awwww yeah.

In other news, a Judge blocked the new Kansas abortion laws until a trial can be held. This means that women in Kansas that want/need an abortion can get the medical care they need, and the clinics in question are able to continue to operate, regardless of the “big brother” rules that were established. These regulations were supposed to take effect July 1, reducing a woman’s access to manage her own body and ultimately giving the power back to legislators who fail to see (or care) how unwanted pregnancies affect these women’s lives, the lives of their child(ren) or the population at large.

There are days when I am actually in awe that the system works. Seriously.

So, enjoy your hot dogs and burgers, ooooh and ahhhhh at the fireworks and remember that no matter your political agenda, the US was founded on principles of individualism and choice.

Oh, and, damn the man.


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