How Reiki Makes a Difference

I not only learned to release that old energy with Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that keeps energy healthy and flowing, and other energy modalities, but I found that I could prevent taking on others’ energy in the first place. I released traumatic images and my energy started flowing for the first time in my life, so I began to share Reiki and teach others to do so as well.


The Five Minute Allergy Window

I knew Karl’s symptoms were serious and we had only minutes to get treatment. I’ve read all the literature and thought I was prepared but I had never given my son an EpiPen injection and was terrified. We just got off the phone with the allergist who told me Karl was in a serious situation and I’m in the middle of rush hour traffic.



Treat Yourself

Summer is the time for baseball, swimming, and some of the best food of the whole year!  We have fresh produce available and family time to enjoy it together, and so off we go to cook up a summer storm, right?  Not so fast!  This summer is the hottest on record according to an article I read today, and although I realize many like to grill out just about any [...]