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Note To Self

Look at you; all smiling and glowing. You make me proud to be your friend. There was once a time that I didn’t even know you, or care to know you for that matter.
But you picked yourself up,dusting the dirt off your knees from your fall. You straightened out your clothes, tucked your hair behind your ear and off you went.
You put your best foot forward without second guessing yourself. [...]


Thoughts on Women

Long ago, I scoffed at the idea of women as friends. They were bitchy and catty, self-absorbed and mean. I wanted no part of that, and I was content with my sundae of male friends with a female sprinkle here and there.
More and more, however, I have realized that nothing can replace the words and comfort that our female friends can offer. Women, mothers, wives, sisters, we are all in [...]


The Fairly Odd Couple

“Here’s your lunch, keys, and phone. Don’t forget you have a meeting at school this afternoon.”
“What’s for dinner?”
“Roast is in the crock pot.”
“Have a good day, love you.”
“Love you too.”
“Hi honey. I’m home.”
“Good, do something with YOUR son before I kill him.”
“Ummm, can’t I even get both feet in the door and take off my coat first?”
“I want THAT stove. It cleans itself. And with all the laundry, we need [...]


Listening and Working with Gourds

First of all, I would like to acknowledge this article as a lesson from my mother. This an art that she passed down to me, along with her personal beliefs on what the gourd represents. The gourd represents that shell that holds and supports us. We are taught to treat others with respect, but often overlook treating ourselves with gentleness. It is important to care [...]


Chinese New Year & Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is based on several factors: a 12-year cycle with each year represented by different animals; 28 constellations (as opposed to the 88 used in Western Astrology); the major planets; the concept of yin/yang; and five elements of water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. Each of the 12 animals are paired together with each of the five elements, creating a total 60-year cycle with [...]


Stone Spotlight

Tiger eye is a beautiful, golden-brown shiny stone which appears lifelike due to its chiromancy, or silky luster. It is crystallized quartz, made of silica. It is found mostly in Africa.
This stone has been worn through the ages to aver the evil eye and help prevent eye diseases. Tiger eye helps people gain insight into their own faults, and to think more clearly. This stone is [...]


Self Respecting=Self Value

Until we learn to become self-valuing in our own worth, all the respect in the world from others will not complete our lives. Some may fear that it means becoming egotistical or narcissistic, but that can only happen if you over-exaggerate your self-worth.
Self worth and values come with strength, confidence and large doses of humility. People who receive the respect of others, deserve it, and know how to receive it [...]


Canvas Tote Decorating

This craft is a wonderful project for kids aged 3 and up to do with parents.
What you’ll need:
Canvas Tote (any size or color)
Craft items to decorate with (beads, paint, stencils, ribbon, feathers, iron-ons, etc.)
Hot glue gun (older kids or parental use only)*
Iron (older kids or parental use only)*
Plenty of room to spread out your tote and items to add on.
Use all of your crafty items to attach to your tote. [...]