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Earth to Melia!

Hi, remember me? Just when I thought things were getting easy, making sense, finding a rhythm... its been like a month of hell. Hell, I say! In a nutshell... I had a prett[...]

Kid Crafts: All About Me

When my daughter was a toddler I cut out a huge letter D from construction paper and let her paint it. I mounted it on another piece of construction paper with a photo of her in th[...]

How Reiki Makes a Difference

I not only learned to release that old energy with Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that keeps energy healthy and flowing, and other energy modalities, but I found that I cou[...]

The Five Minute Allergy Window

I knew Karl’s symptoms were serious and we had only minutes to get treatment. I’ve read all the literature and thought I was prepared but I had never given my son an EpiPen inject[...]